23 April 2011

Best Video Ever!

Hey Guys its Aaron,
I have been releasing videos quite often and my new video might take a while Andre and I are gonna work super hard heres an exclusive. Its a Cops video a video just like the show cops i have worked hard on it and it will be up soon!

21 April 2011

Movie Reviewz

Diary of a wimpy kid 2

Diary of a wimpy kid 2 was a great movie filled with laughs. Alot of people have been asking is it better than the the first movie. The answer is YES! This movie was great and had a way stronger story that just made a better movie. Anouther thing I liked was the movie stuck to the book very well but as soon as you think you know whats gonna happen they put a little twist on it. Don't get me rong the first movie was great but I think this one was better. Then again see it for yourself and Leave a comment on how yu liked it.

*****/ out of *****

Movie Reviewz Source Code

Source code was a confusing movie! Grime the very beginning it was a crazy movie but I loved it whoever wrote this took alot of time on it and got all those little details correct witch I loved about it. The director did a great job as well he has only done one other movie called "Moon" if you've heard of it. Anyway if you diddent understand the movie "Incepttion" you probably won't understand this one. But it is defonitly worth seeing!

I would give this movie

****and 1/2 stars out of *****

if you diddent quite get the end of the movie "Source Code" heres my explanation. At the end when he saves the train and is spouse to die he then discovers that the machine was actuly a time machine and he switched body's with the person he's been in all along! So now he is stuck in the other persons body enjoying life with his newfound love. As for his old body is now inhabited by the other passenger he weighed body's with.

18 April 2011

Don't Blink

Check it out its one of my most favorite videos but its a little random!

17 April 2011


Hey guys I have filmed and have been working on about 4 videos but since it's spring break all my actors are out and about so hang in there the be out soon enough!
- PS I'm gonna see Battle LA on tuesday!


10 April 2011


A new video is comming out soon its gonna be deleted sceans and bloopers from all my videos!

PE Smack Down

Check out the new video!